5 Things Parents Should Know about Their Kid’s Braces

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Braces are a big deal! They are an investment in your child’s health, self-confidence, and smile. And they are definitely just that: an investment. Many parents have financial concerns about the cost of braces for their kids as well as other questions on how to guide their child in caring for their braces. In this post, we want to help you, as a modern-day parent, feel equipped with the information you need in order to guide your child through this process.

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Lunchbox Snacks That Are Safe for Braces


You’re heading to bed, ready to relax and catch up on some sleep, when you suddenly remember you forgot to pack tomorrow’s lunch for the kids. You head back to the kitchen and search the pantry for foods that won’t bring your kids home filled with complaints tomorrow. And as you’re placing pretzels and an apple in your son’s lunchbox, you remember his new braces. Yikes! Can he eat any of the food you’ve packed for him?

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