How to Get a Good Deal on Your Child’s Orthodontic Care!

Does this remind you of yourself? Your child needs braces, but when you start doing your homework, you find out that braces can cost up to $6000. First you are overwhelmed, and then you are frustrated, wondering how you are going to meet your child’s needs while keeping your family afloat financially.

One of the biggest challenges of orthodontic care is the price tag! At MH Ortho, we are committed to making sure that financial pressure doesn’t prevent you from getting the care that you or your child needs. In this post, we are going to talk through some options that might be available to you via insurance or other financing methods, as well as sharing the variety of financial options that our office provides for you. “Orthodontics for a better life” isn’t just a slogan for us; it’s a principle that motivates us to make oral health available to everyone, regardless of income bracket.

Insurance plans: Let’s talk about regular insurance plans first. While most insurance plans don’t cover orthodontic care for adults, they sometimes DO include coverage for minors. Give your insurance company a call to discover the parameters for children’s orthodontic coverage. If, in addition to braces, your child needs any kind of oral surgery, the surgery would likely fall under your medical health plan (as opposed to dental care), so you might have options there. Discovering what your insurance company can do for you is the first step!

MH Ortho Assistance: While the above suggestions are definitely great resources to explore, we also want to make you aware of the variety of options available to you here at MH Ortho. To begin with, we offer free orthodontic consultations. This is a chance for you to sit down with your orthodontist, share your concerns, ask your questions, and hear a thorough, individualized lay-out of treatment approaches and financial options. We want every client to have the opportunity to be fully informed and confident about their decisions.

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, we provide several payment options.

  1. We do accept most insurance plans – including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.
  2. We accept CareCredit (a healthcare credit card with low and/or no-interest financing and minimum monthly payments).
  3. We provide affordable payment plans including some no-interest options!

Don’t let the price tag associated with orthodontic care keep you from coming to the office and having a consultation. Getting braces is a big commitment, and our commitment to you includes helping you find a way to give your child the healthcare and the confident smile that they deserve, without compromising the financial well-being of your whole family.